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About Us

Become a plant-based foodie is our tagline because it's amazing how the right spices and cooking techniques transform simple ingredients into amazing meals.

We are dedicated to providing you with simple, easy to follow recipes and cooking techniques with ingredients that are accessible to everyone.

We are building a community where we can explore how our food choices impact not only our health and our family but the environment as well.  

Making considered choices about what we buy and consume is something every one of us can do every day!

No matter where you are on your plant-based journey, from idle curiosity to epic vegan, Le Twisted Spoon is for everyone! 

Why You Should Join Us

I LOVE DELICIOUS FOOD.  It's really a passion of mine.  When my mind idles off and drifts into a happy place, I'm either crafting a new recipe or designing the ultimate eco-home.  

It took me a really long time to wrap my head around all of the new ingredients when I changed to a plant-based diet. I own so many vegan cooking books it is unreal.  In my defense, I owned a lot of non-vegan cooking books before we changed our lifestyle around.  There are so many delicious recipes, but it was so hard trying to find things like nutritional yeast, psyllium husk, or agar agar.  Things have really changed over the last few years and it's a lot easier to buy some of the specialty ingredients.  Also, there are a lot more vegan products on the shelves so you don't have to make everything yourself!

The truth is, I really like making a lot of things from scratch.  Part of it was the challenge and a bigger part was knowing exactly what's in my food.  So even though there are a lot of vegan convenience foods available now, they still don't pass the label test.  It's a hard NO for me on artificial flavors, colors, fillers, sweeteners, and preservatives.  I'm probably missing some groups but you get the idea.  

And that brings us back to Le Twisted Spoon.  I'm an entrepreneur and a homeschooling mom of two.  I don't have as much time or patience that I used to in the kitchen. 

 I want to share with you, my techniques for:

  • making food that my children will eat, 
  • with ingredients that I can both find and afford, 
  • without taking too much time and effort.

If this sounds like your jam... WELCOME! I can't wait to meet you.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for joining us and allowing us to be part of your Plant-based Foodie Journey.